Franziska Luethy is a Swiss knitwear brand for women. The designs are developed in Zurich and transformed by small European knitting mills into high quality knits. Selecting only the finest yarns, most of the fibers are natural and eco-certified and have been processed and spun in Italy. Each piece is made with care and produced in a series as a limited edition. Through their timeless design and careful craftsmanship, the garments are conceived to last long beyond a single season.

The brand represents a relaxed style and brings classic, casual, elegant and sporty touches together. Comfortable and easy to wear, the designs appeal through their special color combinations and nice details of the fabric.

Franziska Luethy lives and works in Zurich. Her work has been acclaimed several times by receiving the prestigious Swiss Design Award.


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    Vorstadt 33
    4056 Basel
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  • Camaleon / 2nd Season
    Selnaustrasse 52
    8001 Zurich
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  • Mary Jane / 2nd Season
    Neumarkt 21
    8001 Zurich
    +41 44 260 89 23
  • VARY
    Kirchplatz 1
    8400 Winterthur
    +41 52 213 29 64

Care Instructions


Wool is a natural fibre with great breathability, which regenerates itself on fresh air. A good way to get rid of unpleasant odor is to put the knitted garment on a heater. Make sure, that it is not too hot.


Use a mild detergent for wool. No bleach. Wool has not to be washed often. Cuffs can be washed separately and stains should be pre-treated with soap. A gentle machine wash is a good way to clean your woolen garments, using delicate wool cycle at 30° or cold wash. When washed by hand, measure the temperature. Soak the garment for ten minutes and then just move it gently. Rinse good and press dry. To dry lay your garment out flat on a towel and if needed arrange back into the original shape. Never tumble dry your woolen garments. If needed, iron your garment with steam by putting it inside out.


Pilling is a natural characteristic of wool. It does not mean, that the wool is of low quality. It’s a result of friction. Pilling can be resolved with a wool shaver. A good way to get rid of pilling is to wash the garment. Don’t turn the garment to the left side, in this case the pilling has to be on the outside.

Use moth paper or lavender and sealed bags to keep away moths.


Franziska Luethy
Ateliergemeinschaft A1
Flüelastrasse 12
CH-8048 Zurich

+41 79 384 04 72


Models: Barathy A (Option), Maria A, Erleta K (Option), Aissa C, Anna P (Option)

Photography: Linda Suter
Hair and Make-up: Patrick Kaestli

Website: Lukas Marstaller (BNAG.cc)
Thanks to Gina Bucher and Lex Trueb